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About using our products in FSX Steam Edition

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from WCI
from WCI : About using our products in FSX Steam Edition
Poster : wci_admin on 2014-12-22 04:48:16 (3564 reads)
from WCI
When our product was used in FSX Steam Edition (FSX-SE), we verified whether there was a problem.

There are no problems with there for the most part. But it was found that several effects disappear at Nagasaki. There is a possibility related to an environmental factor for that. We distribute correction patch for Nagasaki. If you have a problem, please use it. If there are no problems, it isn't necessary to use that.

[Nagasaki RJFU fixed patch for FSX Steam Edition - Please Login First]

Inspection results in FSX-SE:
Natita Intl. RJAA-- No probrem
Fukushima RJSF-- No probrem
Sendai RJSS-- No probrem
Nagasaki RJFU-- Effects probrem (Patch released)

*If you find other problems, please report it at our forum.

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