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Re: Long loading times Narita FSX - Narita International Airport RJAA for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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none Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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Nminowa  Webmaster   Posts: 28
Narita Airport has very many buildings. Therefore, we had to prepare very many textures. Other huge airports are simple compared with Narita.
In order to create this complicated airport, the balance of a quality and realism is difficult.
When "Ezdok Camera" and "WALK AND FOLLOW" are used, this phenomenon comes out notably. Sudden movement of a eyepoint accelerates this.

This problem will improve somewhat, if clouds and AI are reduced.
However, we are beginning to consider the improvement of "Texture Lording Time". We will tackle it.

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