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Texture problem on small tower - Narita International Airport RJAA for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Texture problem on small tower

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none Texture problem on small tower

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - Children.1 .2 .3 | Posted on 2015/12/17 16:56
Albert  Just popping in   Posts: 3
A while back i bod Narita 1.4 through the Flightsim pilot shop.

It looks very good, but when checking the details in slew mode, i noted that the tower between the two shuttle lains was unusual black. Looking closer there seems to be a problem with the textures on the tower. At night everything looks normal. A reinstall or using the alternate textures didn't help.

Would you be so kind to look at it to see if and what there seems to be wrong.

Regards, Albert Vermeule

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