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Re: Long loading times Narita FSX - Narita International Airport RJAA for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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none Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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Nminowa  Webmaster   Posts: 28
The improvement was confirmed in our test and the test by some customers.
The numerical value of the frame rate went up.
The reading time of the texture became short.
OOM of PMDG777 has improved.

It is strange that nothing changes, although the effect should have shown up also in you.

Although I think that it was correctly installed according to "READ ME FIRST.txt", please tell me about it about the following.

-Your CPU, RAM, Graphic Card.
-Your AI settings.
-Your FSX version (SP1, SP2. acceleration).

I saw your screenshot by email.
It is impossible to erase completely the block of black and white. So a lot of objects are in Narita. If this is eliminated, we cannot but make the building in Narita the number of half.
However, it is possible to reduce the time of the problem by "Lite Textures Pack."
If our RJAA does not balance your spec., it will be necessary to try any settings.

*About the post of your pictures.
1)Push "reply" and perfect post form is used.
2)Checks to BBCode Toolbar. Click Image Manager.
3)Doubleclick your folder in popup window.
4)Drop Image file into right side.
5)Doubleclick your Image thumbnail. Click an insertion button. (An upper left button is desirable)
6)The code of image is written in form.

Since Image Manager presses the capacity of our server, please use, only when required.

Please check your WCI Narita X folder,
and check Texture folder size in property with right click

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