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Highway/s & railway/s - Shizuoka RJNS FSX/P3D - FORUM

Highway/s & railway/s

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none Highway/s & railway/s

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udidwht  Just popping in   Posts: 6
The hill that divides Fujieda & Shizuoka city has the roads/railways going over the hill rather than via tunnel. Would be nice to have this patched into an update given it's close proximity to the scenery you created. Very good job otherwise. My family (in laws) live in Fujieda.

Add-ons ie...UTX USA, Canada, Europe, TAC, FSDT KLAX, CYVR REX4 Texture direct w/Soft clouds, REX World HD Airports, Fly Tampa airports, RJNS, RJAA etc...

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1TB WD Black SATA3 64mb cache
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LG Blue Ray Burner DL
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Antec 650w PSU

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