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Re: Long loading times Narita FSX - Narita International Airport RJAA for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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none Re: Long loading times Narita FSX

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christiaan  Just popping in   Posts: 10
Still getting the issue with the Lite textures.

Only AI ( 2 MB per aircraft ) with flight plans for Narita.
RAM etc. sufficient. Exempted Narita & AI from virus scanner, frame rate was 20 now open to maximum.
Still very little change.

Wrote a review on SimMarket a few days ago but it has not been posted.(?!)

Cannot find on any forum a mention of this airport apart on AVSIM about the price.

Bought in the past a couple of products which did not work as one expected but the price was a lot lower than for Narita.

I was so glad that Narita came out but next time I wont be as quick in buying a product.
Waste of money.

It is a pity as your Narita airport, without these issues, is fantastic.


I thought that it maybe a scenery and not a texture file issue.
Disabled your Afcad file and the situation was nearly perfect.
Checked with Airport Scanner for duplicate Afcads but this was not the case.

The boundary fences are not connected, is this right as I have no idea how to make an new Afcad.)
So if I can get an Afcad where all the aircraft etc are back in the right place instead out of position with the default Afcad,
and without issues I will be very happy.

It does surprise me that your team did not look into the possibility of a scenery file issue.

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