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第23回Vectorプロレジ大賞 ノミネート商品 全品特価

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pstrsto  Just popping in   Posts: 1
As many others in the flightsim community I was very happy to finally see RJAA being released for FSX. However, a large number of simmers are not purchasing your scenery because of the high price tag.

Your RJAA sells for 35 Euros w/o VAT on Simmarket.

Let me compare this with a few other recent releases that are considered to be top notch quality wise:

Flytampa Dubai: 26 Euros w/o VAT
Flytampa Montreal: 22 Euros w/o VAT
FSDT Vancouver: 27.60 Euros w/o VAT
Taxi2Gate MCO: 23.99 Euros w/o VAT

While your scenery sure looks nice you will have to admit that all four of the above mentioned exceed the quality of your scenery by quite a margin. This is not only my personal opinion but rather the consensus within the flightsim community. Your products are simply overpriced!

I want to urge you to think again about the pricing of your sceneries also in your own interest. Lowering the price to a normal level will lead to increased sales and I'm convinced that your revenue will actually increase! Maybe your pricing is nothing out of the ordinary in Japan but consider that you are offering this scenery for sale in virtually all countries of the world. There is a reason why multinational companies have different pricing for different markets!

The same will be true for your future releases. I'm very interested in having Sendai for FSX. However, the pricing has to be in line with other similar sized airports before I will consider a purchase!


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