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Narita RJAA 1.1 update - Release announce and update information - FORUM

Narita RJAA 1.1 update

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wci_admin  Webmaster   Posts: 84
Our Narita updated to 1.1.
The registered user can download from SimMarket.

*The improvement of "Texture Read Time".
*The improvement of "Out Of Memory Error" .
*The weight saving of textures.(HD and Lite)
*Fixed vehicle lines.
*Fixed Parkind Codes.
*Correction of LOD setup.
*Added GA Parkings for Private Jet and Heli.(SE Parking)
*Adjustment of the ground photo.
*Lost Autogen Fix.
*Correction for P3D v2.0.(You can download from download page the update file.)

*All old updates are included.
*Lite Texture Pack1.1 is included as an optional file.

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