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Cannot open the s inFSX - Sendai RJSS for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Cannot open the s inFSX

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - Children.1 | Posted on 2014/8/24 9:11
daisky  Just popping in   Posts: 1
I installed the RJSS scenery in my computer, but something wrong with it.
I was able to install the scenery successfully, and I set up it as you wrote in the instruction document.
However, when I selected RJSS to start a flight, the message pop up, which said that FSX has stopped due to some trouble.
I wonder what should I do to open the data properly.

My PC's spec is as followed;
OS:Windows 7 Professional 64bit
CPU:Core i5-650 3.2GHz

Thank you.
Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2014/8/25 2:43
wci_admin  Webmaster   Posts: 84
Please attempt to perform uninstallation and reinstallation of RJSS first.

Please test this, when the problem is not solved.
1. Start FSX, go to Scenery Library, disable Sendai X.
2. Start Flight on the runway at RJSS. (check1: no problem?)
3. Select Scenery Library from window menu(Alt key), and Enable Sendai X.(check2: no problem?)

Please check your environment.
1. Is another Sendai Scenery installed in addition to our product? (HRS Sendai city, or other)
2. Does this problem occur in low FSX setting?
3. Did record of crash remain in the event viewer? Does "faulting module" become clear?

Please test and check.

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