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Memory Usage - Narita International Airport RJAA for FSX/P3D - FORUM

Memory Usage

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ABurek  Just popping in   Posts: 1

Great work on a fantastic and most realistic recreation of NRT. I do have an issue with memory usage, specifically related to this airport. When departing, I will have an OOM within 8-9 hours of takeoff. VAS is at 3.8-3.9 at the time of the OOM. I do not have this issue with any other aircraft, and it can be recreated at any time. I do have the lite textures installed, and normally fly in DX10 with unnecessary sceneries deactivated accordingly, and would appreciate any help that can be sent my way. Again, great work.

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wci_admin  Webmaster   Posts: 84
When it flies after a takeoff for several hours, that is outside the management area of NRT. The memory used by Narita is already released.

I think, it OOM is not directly related to our product. OOM will occur very near Narita, if our product is the cause.

However, our Narita needs many memories. The memory consumed at the time of a departure may not be cleanly released by the cause of other add-ons. It may improve, if Lite texture pack is used. Probably, it will also be effective to reduce the number of AI.
Moreover, as for our product, DX10 is deprecated.

Please refer also to this topic.


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