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Small fix for "Niigata RJSN for FSX" 1.0 SimMarket edition - Release announce and update information - FORUM

Small fix for "Niigata RJSN for FSX" 1.0 SimMarket edition

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wci_admin  Webmaster   Posts: 84
Small fix for Niigata RJSN for FSX 1.0 SimMarket edition

*Please never use for P3D.
[Change List]
The following defect is corrected.
-Improvement of flickering by the sky angle in the night apron illumination.
-Cancellation of a conflict of the hold short caution lamp (RGL) with using our other scenery.
-Correction in a texture gap in a taxiway.
Please overwrite the same file in "FSX\Addon Scenery\WCI Niigata\Scenery".

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