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第23回Vectorプロレジ大賞 ノミネート商品 全品特価


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Poster : wci_admin on 2014-12-31 15:00:10 (2246 reads)
from WCI

Our 2015 schedule.
-Niigata RJSN
-Mt. Fuji - Shizuoka RJNS
-Narita Intl. RJAA v2
-Haneda Intl RJTT (a two-year project)

Thank you for your patronage and support.
N Minowa
General Manager Wing Creation Inc.

Poster : wci_admin on 2014-12-22 04:48:16 (3357 reads)
from WCI
When our product was used in FSX Steam Edition (FSX-SE), we verified whether there was a problem.

There are no problems with there for the most part. But it was found that several effects disappear at Nagasaki. There is a possibility related to an environmental factor for that. We distribute correction patch for Nagasaki. If you have a problem, please use it. If there are no problems, it isn't necessary to use that.

[Nagasaki RJFU fixed patch for FSX Steam Edition - Please Login First]

Inspection results in FSX-SE:
Natita Intl. RJAA-- No probrem
Fukushima RJSF-- No probrem
Sendai RJSS-- No probrem
Nagasaki RJFU-- Effects probrem (Patch released)

*If you find other problems, please report it at our forum.

Poster : wci_admin on 2014-12-02 23:05:24 (2390 reads)
Update Information
This patch is for simMarket and FSPilotshop customer.
Please login and download from "DOWNLOAD" page.

Don't Don't use this fix for FSX. That would make much trouble occur.

Poster : wci_admin on 2014-11-30 15:00:45 (2103 reads)
New Product

"NAGASAKI RJSS FSX/P3Dv2" was released from SimMarket.
It will be soon sold also from FSpilotshop.

BUY at SimMarket!

Product Page

Poster : wci_admin on 2014-11-15 15:54:30 (2058 reads)
Project Preview
A beta test starts soon.

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