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第23回Vectorプロレジ大賞 ノミネート商品 全品特価


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Poster : wci_admin on 2014-12-02 23:05:24 (2360 reads)
Update Information
This patch is for simMarket and FSPilotshop customer.
Please login and download from "DOWNLOAD" page.

Don't Don't use this fix for FSX. That would make much trouble occur.

Poster : wci_admin on 2014-06-14 06:19:35 (2608 reads)
Update Information
ベクターから販売中の「成田国際空港 for FSX」をLockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.2で利用するためのアップデートパッチの配布を開始いたしました。

※P3D v2.2以外のバージョンへのインストールは考慮されていません。


Poster : wci_admin on 2013-12-23 14:30:36 (5568 reads)
Update Information

Our Narita updated to 1.1.
The registered user can download from SimMarket.

*The improvement of "Texture Read Time".
*The improvement of "Out Of Memory Error" .
*The weight saving of textures.(HD and Lite)
*Fixed vehicle lines.
*Fixed Parkind Codes.
*Correction of LOD setup.
*Added GA Parkings for Private Jet and Heli.(SE Parking)
*Adjustment of the ground photo.
*Lost Autogen Fix.
*Correction for P3D v2.0.(You can download from download page the update file.)

Poster : wci_admin on 2013-10-06 12:24:20 (4987 reads)
Update Information
We were worried deeply about the problem of "Out of Memory Error" and "Long Texture Reading Time" that was reported from RJAA customer.
We made "Lite textures pack", in order to solve these problems.

This problem arises easily, when heavy add-ons, such as PMDG and REX, are used simultaneously. This problem is not only our responsibility. However, a problem will be solved by changing the texture of RJAA into what has small size.

It is a customer's selection whether this is used or not. Please choose one of a quality and the performance. Your memory condition will be improved by this.
Please be sure to carry out backup of an original texture. Then, it can return to original textures easily at any time.

It is downloadable also from your account at SimMarket.

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